Friday, May 17, 2013

Mannatech Brings in Premiere Shaklee Scam Artist, Bo Short to Sell Sugar Pills to MLM Victims and People Afflicted with Serious Illness

Experts Target Bo Short's new Pyramid Scam, Mannatech

Mannatech and Bo Short

In the 1990's, a child suffering a horrendous genetic disease called Tasach's, tried Mannatech pills. Next, Mannatech distributors took the nude child's photo and used it to promote the effectiveness of their placebo products, stating that it helped treat the boy, who died shortly after taking them. Distributors used the photo despite nearly seven years of the late boy's mother requesting that they stop. Mannatech was ordered to pay her $750,000 as a result. read more.

One site shows you Mannatech distributors' real average earnings. You'll be surprised by number of people scammed.

And so we are left with Mannatech, the viral pyramid scheme defrauding victims with fake business opportunity by publishing illicit photos of nude dying children to boost its snake oil claims. This sounds like an opportunity for Bo Short.  

Bo Short: A History of Fraud

In December, 2012 Shaklee came under international fire when "Shaklee Victims United" worked with a team of web experts to expose evidence of fraud and the presence of an illegal pyramid scheme at

The site caught the attention of national pyramid scheme experts Dr. Jon M. Taylor and Robert Fitzpatrick, who added it to their list of MLM schemes to avoid. The ground-breaking site by Shaklee Victims United exposes fraudulent claims made by Bo Short, as well as a technique used by Shaklee distributors to misinform the public by use of fake websites, a term mlm experts call Hacker SEO. The effort correlates with a 23% drop in Shaklee's OTC stock, SKLEF.

Yesterday, Shaklee's Bo Short announced he was leaving the company for Mannotech. Experts strongly suspect that the evidence against Bo Short made him a liability to Shaklee, causing his ouster.

Mannatech to Fall Under SEO Attack by Victims Group

Shaklee Victims United along with the nation's top MLM experts are, "...determined to do for Mannatech victims what we did for Shaklee victims," according to contributing author, Jonathan Brand. "So long as Bo Short is involved in Mannatech, we will be waging a campaign of correct information about Bo Short and Mannatech with help from the nation's top MLM experts," says Brand, "You can expect to see our efforts and effectiveness doubled in the case of Mannatech, should they move forward with plans to use con-artist Bo Short... The truly motivating factor for us here is that Mannatech appears to target people with serious illness and offer them snake oil. While incorporating a mid-level con-artist like Bo Short into snake oil sales is a very natural fit, our SEO response will be quite natural as well." A large-scale exposure of the facts through SEO is said to be underway against Mannotech and Bo Short.

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And here's more on Mannatech's fake cures for sick children...

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